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The duration of the course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) shall be one academic year. There will be 6 Theory papers, 2 Practical paers and 2 Skill in Teaching Practical papers carring 1000 marks. Besides its participation in community services and co-curricular activities will be compulsory for all students.

Distribution of marks and time for examination for each paper is shown

Paper I (Theory) Education in the Emerging Indian Society Max. Marks 80.
Paper II (Theory) Psychology of Teaching & Learning Max. Marks 80
Paper III
(A) (Theory) Secondary Education & School Management Max. Marks 50
(B) (Optional I, II) Philosophy, Psychology & Kinds of Yoga Max. Marks 50
(B) (Optional III) Population Education.
(B) (Optional IV) Educational & Vocational Guidance.
(B) (Optional V) Mental Hygiene
(B) (Optional VI) Adult Education
(B) (Optional VII) Health & Physical Education
(B) (Optional VIII) Environment Education
(B) (Optional IX) Science Technology Education

Paper IV Educational Technology
Paper V & VI Group A
Opt (i) Teaching of English
Opt (ii) Teaching of Hindi
Opt (iii) Teaching of Punjabi
Opt (iv) Teaching of Sanskrit

Paper V & VI Group B
Opt (i) Teaching of Mathematics
Opt (ii) Teaching of Home Science
Opt (iii) Teaching of Commerce
Opt (iv) Teaching of Arts

Paper V & VI Group C
Opt (i) Teaching of Life Science
Opt (ii) Teaching of Geography
Opt (iii) Teaching of Economics
Opt (iv) Teaching of Music

Paper V & VI Group D
Opt (i) Teaching of Physical Sciences
Opt (ii) Teaching of Civics
Opt (iii) Teaching of Social Studies
Opt (iv) Teaching of History

Paper VII & VIII Work Education & Work Experience
i. Chalk Board Writing 30
ii. Preparing Teaching Aids 35
iii. Handling of Available Equipments 35
- Drawing & Painting 40 + 10
- Clay Modeling 40 + 10
- Photography 40 + 10
- Paper Cutting & Cardboard modeling 40 + 10
- Interior Decoration 40 + 10
- Candle Making 50
- Gardening 30 + 20
- Computer Application 50
- Music Vocal 50
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